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    The Govies Government Security Award Winner for 2015

Govies Award

Surveillance Cameras HD (megapixel)
Arecont Vision, MegaView 2 IP Megapixal Bullet Cameras
IC Real Tech, IC RealTech ALLIE Pro 720-View

Video Surveillance Cameras
Axis Communications, AXIS F Series
Axis Communications, AXIS Q8414-LVS

Video Surveillance Cameras IP
Digital IDview, True Auto Focus IP MP Samsung
Techwin, SNP-6320RH.

    WIFI Kit



>>Easy Installation
    Nowiring is needed, plug and play
    P2P, user friendly APP available in 4 & 8CH

>>Stable Wireless Transmission
    1080P resolution IP camera, 3 pcs array LEDs, 4mm lens
    Wireless signal transmission distance around 90 feet

>>Quick setup, plug and play

    Ethernet Over Coax

with heater

Ethernet Over Coax

● Extends Network Communications Beyong Standard Limitations
● Utilizes Previously Installed Coax or UTP Cabling Infrastructure
● Greatly Reduces Installation Time & Associated Labor
● Minimizes or Eliminates Disruptions to Daily Operations During Installation
● Network Hardware and IDF Closets are Decreased and/or Eliminated
● Creates a Network Link to Support Data Rates of 100Mbps
● Plug & Play, No Set Up or Configurations Required
● Transparent to the Network
● Supports Power Over Ethernet Standards 802.3af(PoE) & 802.3at(PoE+)

    Camera with Heater

with heater

Camera with Heater

● 2, 3, 5 Megapixel, 1/2.8’’ Progressive Scan CMOS, 1920 x 1080P
● Auto-Focus 2.8-12mm Vari-focal Lens and 4X Optical Zoom
● Heater built-in, Operating: -40°F to 131°F (Heater On)
● Low Lux, Auto ICR IR filter, True Day/Night, 3D DNR, DWDR, HLC/BLC
● Intelligent Alarm, Motion detection
● IR Distance 105 ft, PoE 12V, IP66

    Low light Camera

with heater

Low Light Camera

● Ease of Installation
● Unique low light technologies to see color in near darkness
● 0.001 lux stable clear images
● A must have for troublesome environments
● Super WDR, Smart Auto Focus, Bullet, 2MP
● IV-BULLV28122MP-AF-H comes with heater for cold weather

    Flashlight Camera / DVR - 2-in-1

Flash Light

Flashlight Camera / DVR - 2-in-1

● Heavy duty, real working flashlight, 1.5" TFT LCD
● Records video with audio, day or night
● optional 32GB TF card for additional storage
● Ideal for security and patrol applications
● USB drive allows for easy transfer of data to PC
● Full HD 1080P recording, playback
● Built-in 8000mah Li-battery, allowing for 15 hours of recording

    Universal 4-in-1 DVR and Camera Series

with heater

Universal 4-in-1 DVR and Camera series

Digital IDView is excited to announce the Universal DVR series which will automatically detect TVI, AHD, and CVBS cameras, reducing time needed for installation. We are providing this technology with two different resolution formats: the economic series with 960X1080 and the enterprise version with 1920X1080. This HD DVR supports megapixel analog cameras and its mobile app is really user friendly. The unit will come to you already hot with DDNS services registered and activated. If you need a DVR that support touch screen, this one does that too. The CMS software will link the DVRs, NVRs together allowing users easy access to their cameras any where, anytime, any how.

    HD CVI Solution


HD CVI DVR and Camera

Police Camera

    Smart Home: Video, Alarm, Automation

Police Camera

Smart Home: Video, Alarm, Automation

Video Features:
. Compress mode: H.264 high profile
. Video Output: HDMI and VGA Video Otput
. System Performance:Preview/Recording/Playback/Backup/Network Monitoring
. Network Protocol: TCP/IP , DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE
. Network Security: IP filter, password Authentification
. IPC Protocol: ONVIF 28181
. Mobile video alarm and detector with space intrusion alarm dual identification
. Support 3G mobile video monitoring, PTZ and household appliance control
. Support video and characters branching transmission. Facilitate networking
. Support P2P Cloud Server

    Full HD 1080P Multi-functional Body Worn IR Night Vision 16GB Police Camera

Police Camera

Full HD 1080P Multi-functional Body Worn IR Night Vision 16GB Camera

. Full HD Video
. 16 Megapixels Camera
. Night Vision Recording
. Audio/Voice Recorder
. Instant Playback

    Same Form Factors

Autofocus Bullet

1080p Analog HD solutions available in AHD, CVI and TVI

Digital IDView has selected 7 best selling analog 1080p cameras and make them available in AHD, CVI and TVI formats. Out of the 7 selected, four are fixed lens 1080p cameras and three are varifocal 1080p cameras.

The model numbers for the fixed lens 1080p cameras are: IV-DEF368S-AHDH/CVI/TVI, IV-DP36-AHDH/CVI/TVI, IV-DF36-AHDH/CVI/TVI and IV-BV3077AHDH/CVI/TVI.

The model numbers for the varifocal lens 1080p cameras are: IV-DVFH6100IRG-AHDH/CVI/TVI, IV-DV720IR-AHDH/CVI/TVI, IV-BV742W-AHDH/CVI/TVI.

Many manufacturers have chosen different formats for their DVR, for example, HikVision is using TVI, Speco and DigiMerge has chosen CVI format. IDView is providing 1080p AHD recording devices that share the same interface with our NVR, 960H DVR, all without learning of new format on your end. Our CMS is forward and backward compatible among the IP, AHD and 960H recording devices. On top of this, our recording devices are real time while most of the other DVRs may not process real time recording.

When you choose CVI DVR, you can enjoy our CVI cameras at best pricing. When you choose TVI DVR, you can enjoy our best pricing TVI cameras.

Our win-win combination has your best interest in mind once again.

    Public View Monitors

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time with Compelling Digital Signage

Digital IDView is proud to announce the arrival of the new Public View Monitors (14”, 22” & 40”) that offer not just the imbedded 2MP varifocal HD camera, but also the ability to allow remote content management and distribution. The content server can be local or on the cloud. The local content server can manage thousands of stores while allowing various messages directed to different departments with different focuses. Since the content management is HTML based, the format is already designed for you. A simple click and update will automatically give the format that you need. Flexibility is also built in for the screen partition. You can show weather, time, new products, your logo, as well the camera. Content update and management is just a click away from any remote site, anywhere, any time.

    IDView TotalView POS

Autofocus Bullet

TotalView POS Server

Digital IDView has identified a list of POS software, such as Epicor & cash registers, such as Toshiba and developed a bridge to interpret the receipt or text generated by such POS devices and creates a portal to save the text along with the video. This built in analytics allow the customers to search & playback videos with questionable transactions and pinpoint any internal theft or behavioral issues. This powerful software will change how the POS data is captured along with the video. We are excited about this advancement and welcome you to click the link and view the brief introduction on how these analytics is designed.

    New and Improved IPhone APP, Android APP

Autofocus Bullet

New and Improved iPhone APP,   Android APP

Digital IDView is announcing the new and improved APP for both Android & iPhone. They can be used to access not only a DVR on the cloud, but also a DVR using traditional DDNS services. No advertising, easy to use, free of charge, clear pictures & awesome playback are just a few ways you have told us how good the new apps are. We appreciate your feedback and will work hard to make more improvements. Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate your kind guidance.

    UTC Analog Cameras

Autofocus Bullet

UTC Analog Cameras

The CCTV industry has begun to realize the importance of an OSD menu and its use to calibrate for better video. Our camera models, IV-DV720IRLT-U, IV-DVHF-6100IR-700-U, IV-BV3077-U & IV-BV742-U, for example, come with external OSD menu control cables. Our customers told us it would even be better if they could control the OSD menu at the head end.

Hearing our customer’s feedback, Digital IDView has designed and brought to market an OSD remote controller as presented here. This controller can be placed at the DVR. One end connects to the camera & the other end connects to the DVR, allowing our installers to adjust the cameras via the live view through the DVR. Again, tomorrow’s technology affordable today here at Digital IDView.

    True-Auto-Focus Outdoor IP MP Bullet

Autofocus Bullet

True Auto Focus Outdoor IP MP Bullet Camera     Auto Focus Demo Video

Digital IDView is excited to announce the release of the “true” autofocus IP MP bullet camera, model number: IV-BUF28122MP-AF. This 2 MP bullet camera comes with a 2.8-12mm lens with an IR viewing distance of 105 feet. The camera supports 4X optical zoom, and when installed, our customer can use the PTZ function of the NVR to control the zoom. It is really simple to operate the auto focus on this camera. This technology is different from any other motorized zoom auto focus camera where, once installed, many attempts are needed to be made to focus and zoom. We have them in stock here in Dallas and we are ready to help our customer save time and money.

    AHD Solution

All New AHD (Analog High Definition) Technology

NO LIMITS! Our new IV-x11Z-AHD tribrid DVR lets users view and record both analog, IP & AHD cameras simultaneously. Users can combine D1, 960H, 1.3MP and 2MP & 720P AHD cameras together on one screen. No extra software license is required. The Dual Stream technology in the DVR can prevent bandwidth overload and provide enhanced viewing on Mobile Devices. With HDMI and High Resolution VGA outputs, your High Definition cameras look great and users can choose to record audio as well the ability to listen live across the internet. One channel of video analytics, when being used as a pure 960H unit, such as intelligent motion detection, or left object detection, further enhances the user’s experience. Try the Flex Channel tribrid DVR from IDView and you too can experience CCTV without limits.

    Hot! Hot!

Hot Hot

Hot! Hot! Powered by IDView

Your 960H DVR is HOT to the cloud out of the box. IDView has preconfigured your system to allow you to quickly view your camera system using your computer or Smartphone. Just go to and use the login user name/password provided on the left hand side of the unit to log in to the WWW.