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    Extending our tech support for Golden State Instrument Co. DVRs and NVRs

Govies Award

GSI, also known as Golden State Instrument Co., has gone out of business since early summer 2020, another victim of COVID 19! Digital IDView offers the same DVR, NVR with same features, mobile app as those from Golden State Instrument Co.! Vincent, formerly with Golden State Instrument Co., now Vice President of Technology with us, wishes to lead his team to continue supporting you on these devices! We can not provide the RMA services but for a nominal fee, we can provide DDNS services, laptop and Mobile App access support remotely! We can also provide replacement DVRs with same or better costs to you!

GSI Website:

NVR: GS-25CH-NVR-POE      GS-32CH-NVR-POE          GS-16CH-NVR-POE

    8 ch and 4 ch Wireless IP Cameras and NVR Kit with Solar Power


8 ch and 4 ch Wireless IP Cameras and NVR Kit with Solar Power

Digital IDView has improved the wireless camera kit to now include a monitor that has an imbedded NVR. When you deploy such a kit for home or small commercial locations, you do not need to worry about buying a monitor. The 11 inch high resolution LCD monitor is perfect for a counter set up, allowing the customers to see that the store is under video surveillance. It is a plug and play system, the NVR, cameras automatically get in synch with each other, without any set up needed. With a mouse, the NVR can show playback, fast forward, backward without any learning needed.

We have sold a lot of these units and will continue improve its form factor based on customer feedback.

    Ethernet Over Coax


Ethernet Over Coax

The EoC Ethernet over Coax Transceiver with PoE from IDView is a compact converter that allows 10/100Base-T Ethernet and PoE power to be transmitted using coax cable. EoC devices are typically used in legacy installations where existing coax is re-deployed as part of an upgrade to IP cameras. Class 2 power of 56 VDC is delivered to one transceiver, which distributes it to up to four remote transceivers (available separately) and their PoE cameras. This transceiver is easy to use with no IP or MAC addressing required. Status LEDs indicate power and link connectivity/activity for RJ45 and BNC ports.

    Mini PTZ

mini PTZ

Mini PTZ

mini PTZ

    Automated License Plate Recognition Solutions

ALPR Camera Pictures


    Smart Home Series


Smart Home Series

Flash Light

    HD CVI Solution


HD CVI DVR and Camera

Police Camera

    Mobile DVR Monitoring Surveillance System

Mobile DVR/Camera Pictures

Mobile DVR